Saturday, February 18, 2006

my debut on the blogosphere?

In the oft-repeated words of the late Bill Hicks, "Who'd'a thunk it?" Here am I, a good modern boy, typing my ass--I mean my mind--onto the world wide wonder web thingy, out there...somewhere.

Where Am I Exactly? Where am I on the Web, & what does that mean? Also, what does it mean that I am alive doing this now, with both my sons & both my granddaughters & my mother & aunt all alive & well after The Storm, Hurricane Katrina, when I could have so easily died rather than lived when my apartment came apart around me just north of the beach in Biloxi, Mississippi on that August morning?

These & other Great Questions about my Great Life past & future will be the beginning content of my 'blog, this 'blog, this writing I'll be doing. We shall see what we see.


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