Wednesday, February 22, 2006

2nd entry, short on time

Here I am extemporizing again. You see, the problem is that I do not own a computer, have never owned one, but I have been fortunate enough to have frequent access to one or another Internet-connected PC over the last decade or two. Only, not right now, so that I find myself a fortunate citizen of a fortunate nation who is able to avail himself of public access to the Internet at my local library, the Ina Thompson Moss Point Library ( Only, that access is limited to one-hour sessions, which drastically reduces my capacity to blog at much length, inexperienced as I am in this particular realm. Plus, without even word-processing capability at my post-Katrina home, I must pre-write my blog entries longhand--oh my god! It's a pure wonder I can scratch up & peck out some few letters & symbols that may have a chance to cohere into a semblance of thought.

Let me see whether I can scratch up a link to my band, Triage, in which I play percussion & drums. Our website is I am afraid the links to our music may not be working now, but if you are on the Mississippi coast, please give us a listen if you get the opportunity. We play & sing acoustic versions of a variety of "baby-boomer" music & some original songs of our own. Our name describes our desire to use music to help heal ourselves & our community of fellow Katrina Survivors.

Here's a photo of me from the Triage website:

One more note for today: I don't like "meek of the week" for the name of my blog. I'm thinking of changing it to "belowgorising" or "words from the belowgosphere".


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