Sunday, June 18, 2006

***###NEWSFLASH!!!###***TRIAGE GIGS for June+July+Beyond***###

The above link takes you to the Triage website, designed by our Margie, & it's worth a click or two; but I think I am scooping her with this breaking info about our latest confirmed dates to triage folks via our soulful brand (if I do say so) of folk-n-rock.

We played a very fun & well-received (if I may say so) gig in Long Beach last Saturday at DARWELL'S, a terrific restaurant in old downtown, a couple of blocks up from the beach. (Lovely Long Beach, Mississippi, was the birthplace & hometown of my late father, Tommy Meek, just a short 50 miles or so from my present home in Jackson County, at the eastern edge of Mississippi's re-arising Gulf Coast.)

Darwell's friendly Front-of-the-House man, Papa D., not only expertly aided us in fine-tuning our soundcheck when we arrived; at night's end he invited us to come back for a standing gig every other Saturday night, to play from 7:00 to 9:45 or so (vis LBCity regs for noise!). We said YES, natch; so we'll see you there if you drive on down for some good good food food (NOTE: Alcohol not served--BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLES if you like) at Darwell's palace--or, er, place--I'm sorry, I lost my concentration remembering the award-winning & mouth-watering shrimp creole prepared by the chef of the house, Papa D.'s own son, Dale. The smoke-barbecued pork tenderloin chopped up in guitar-god Kelly's sandwich was equally delicious. [I'll supply last names & Darwell's exact location & phone number next draft; I believe they are on East 1st Street.]

However, this next week only, we are not playing there Saturday, but Friday night the 23rd, & we can't wait. We might even start before 7:00--by the time we're all set up & tuned, Robert & Kelly are ready to "do it to it". The very next night, Saturday the 24th, we will be at Coffee Fusion Bubble Tea in Ocean Springs, on Bienville Blvd. (aka Hwy 90), a lively, 'Net-wired spot we always enjoy visiting. After that, we return biweekly to Darwell's, beginning Saturday, July 8th, & we'd love to see YOU at both venues. Thanks for reading.


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