Friday, March 17, 2006

My first link to another's blog, with reference to drums

These days I am searching the Web for references to serial numbers of Slingerland brand drums from the 60's or earlier, because I recovered a 4-piece Slingerland set from a Hurricane Katrina refuse pile here in Moss Point a few months ago. This drumset (a bass drum, 2 ride toms, & a floor tom) was sitting by the roadside not a mile from my post-Katrina adopted home, outside a very small church building under restoration. They were sort of on top of a small pile of debris pulled from the building, very clearly meant to be taken by the cleanup trucks, so I figured, Who am I to refuse this gift from the Universe? If I left them for someone else, they might get rained on, etc.... When I stopped the car to look, I was amazed to discover that they were being thrown out, for, lo and behold, they were vintage Slingerlands, older & heavier (that is, better-made, of higher quality) than my old 2-piece Slingerland starter set my parents bought me new around1970, when I was in the 8th grade. They appeared to be sound, uncracked, if slightly dusty. In fact, the evenness of the dust on the insides of the drums proved they had not been exposed to water in the storm, or on the side of the road! The finish of each drum is a white metal wrap I've read about (it looks as if they have since been painted white again, by an owner, poorly). The shells look to be the 3-ply type with the wooden reinforcing ring I've read about. The hoops are StickSavers; the badges, black & (fading) gold Niles, Illinois; the serial numbers on the badges are 5 (five) digits long--in the 78-80,000 range, which I have not yet read anything about (I've seen a good bit about Slingerlands from the 50's & 60's with numbers above 100,000).

So if anyone who reads this knows anything about these Slingerland drum serial numbers, I would appreciate a heads-up.

Well, while surfing-searching for this, I came across this website by a young, working drummer, He has a blog, Time Requires an Argument, which I will now make my first link to a blog: http://www.billyrhythm/com/traa.html. I like his sense of humor so far, he owns some nice drums, he knows more than I do (which is nearly nothing) about blogging & web design (my brother's field, also), & he has a few cool quotes scattered around, such as:

"I love defenseless animals, especially in a good gravy."--Stephen Wright

Check him out.


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