Saturday, March 25, 2006

photo details of grandpa (me) & Morgan

Here is another photo of my precious angel-fairy grandbaby, Morgan, standing in front of me at our local mall in the city of Gautier, Mississippi, this past Halloween. (Generally speaking, Gautier, in Jackson County, was mine & my 2 sons' hometown, B.K. [Before Katrina].)

Being a grandfather is the best, greatest thing I've ever known. I love Morgee so much I can't talk or write about her without going out of my head, so I'll stop now...Soon...I should say that Morgan is not my grandbaby anymore, she's 28 months old.

At Halloween she was 23 months; she had a wonderful time going from store to store collecting goodies & seeing other children & adults in costumes & decorations. We met quite a few darling angels, fairies &/or Tinker-Belles, winged cherubim all.

Below is a cropped image of my face taken with a cool Minolta Vectis Weathermatic underwater camera, using 24mm 400-speed APS Fujifilm. (I'm just saying, for the record; I know diddly tech-specs about photography.) I wanted to see what it would look like if I took a picture of my face at arm's length with the panoramic view & the zoom both turned on. Looks akilter.

My post-Katrina benefactor/roommate/landlord, Mark, found that camera in a debris field he was cleaning up on the beachfront, buried in muck. He brought it home & cleaned it up, got a new battery, I got some film, & it has taken every picture I've posted here at BLOGGER so far, except my profile with glasses (it comes from, my band's webpage). I've used it to document Triage's performances, my 2 drumsets I've found since the storm, my grandchild's & children's rapidly changing lives, my household life here in Moss Point (same Gulf Coast, same county) with Mark & his 2 girls. A camera well worth its ~$175 list price.


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